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Description: Do you want to lose weight and are tired of diet ups and downs? Would you rather increase how fast your body burns calories than exercise till your exhausted? Have you ever wondered if there is a better way?

This course aims to create a permanent life style solution to the yo-yo diets and weight gain we all face and all you need to get started is a willingness to make simple changes to your everyday life. This course is laid out with 2-6 minute videos complete with handouts for key points. Written and instructed by Angela Poch, NC, the program is based on current scientific research. This course is not a diet and does not provide strict meals, it guides you with principles you can use for your own favorite foods.

There is no magic pill or special food to melt fat off. You will still have to make some changes and get some exercise. But you will learn the most effective exercise to really make your weight loss goals happen.

Discover the steps to creating a metabolic rate diet. This program can be adapted for all kinds of 'diets' - gluten free, low carb, diabetes, vegan, and so on. You will learn the key ingredients to a metabolic boosting meal and what you can do to avoid slowing down the fat burning process. Plus learn other simple and easy ways to increase metabolism.

There is even a section in this course for life coaches, nutritionists, and fitness experts. Those who want to teach the metabolic rate boosters to others. We've provided a detailed program outline as well as a marketing plan (the general outline, you'll need to make it your own).

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See below 'Table of Contents' for a few FREE lessons.

Lesson 1: What is Metabolism and Metabolic Rate
Lesson 2: The Science Behind Metabolic Rate and Weight Loss
Lesson 3: How to create a diet without dieting.
Lesson 4: Step 1 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: BMI, BMR & Calories
Lesson 5: Step 2 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Basic Nutrition
Lesson 6: Step 3 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Foods to Avoid
Lesson 7: Step 4 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Water
Lesson 8: Step 5 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Fiber
Lesson 9: Step 6 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Protein
Lesson 10: Step 7 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Carbohydrates
Lesson 11: Step 8 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Omega 3's & Other Fats
Lesson 12: Step 9 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Spicy Foods
Lesson 13: Step 10 - Creating a Metabolic Diet: Crunch & Texture
Lesson 14: Increase Metabolism with Exercise
Lesson 15: How Muscle Mass & Body Fat Affects Metabolism
Lesson 16: What about Hormones, The Environment & Stress
Lesson 17: How to keep motivated & other tips
Lesson 18: Recording a wellness diary
Lesson 19: Using metabolic rate diet as a wellness coach
Lesson 20: How to run a metabolic rate program
Lesson 21: Creating a Marketing Strategy


Lesson 1: What is Metabolism and Metabolic Rate


Lesson 2:The Science Behind Metabolic Rate and Weight Loss


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