Body Mind Health & Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Guiding you to complete health and happiness for body and soul!

We are excited about the opportunity to share with you some vegetarian and vegan cooking. We have a simple school policy.

1. By signing up, I understand working in a kitchen has risk of burns, breaks, scalds, infections, and other harmful situations. I will not hold the school or Angela Poch or affiliates responsible for what goes on in my own kitchen regardless of her instructions or information.

2. Please do not call in questions, but you can contact us, by email or mail.

3. We may ask you fill out evaluation forms or surveys that may come with your final lesson (there is a gift if you complete this for us to better the program).

4. Please make sure you have read the FAQ!

5. We are not an accredited school, and you will not receive any credits, however you can recieve a certificate of completion from the various places that offer our courses.

6. This school and Angela Poch are not here to give medical advice, and we encourage you to see a health professional for any medical issues you may have. The school and Angela Poch are not to be held responsible for health information or misinformation that may be given in the lessons, courses, books, or on this website. This school and Angela Poch are not to be held responsible for errors in recipes that may cause any issue or problem.

7. You are required to enjoy it! (Ok, at least try to have fun in the kitchen.)

8. All materials are for informational use only. If you copy or distribute any of the materials on this site please consider a donation so we can afford to keep bringing you materials.