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Testimonies of Customers and Subscribers

Here are just a few of the comments from OTHERS about our School and/or our recipies.

"I really enjoy the recipes.  I am not a vegetarian but my daughter is.  I enjoy many of the recipes myself and also pass them on to my daughter.  Thanks for offering this service."

Judith Anderson


From Vegan Cuts customers (Vegan Cuts sends out a box of vegan goodies monthly.):

"Awesome, by far the best treat in this box! I am not new to vegan cooking, however I am surprised by how much I am learning!"

"This was my favorite in the box." "I was so excited to pull this out of the box. So very grateful."
"Great idea as I have already taken an online vegan vegetarian class… and enjoyed it tremendously with a neighbor."

"Well, I'm not a novice at cooking, but I still like this!"

"I was happy to see this in the snack box. It's something that has the potential to have long-term benefits.

"Fun and informative" "Exciting!" "Love it so far!"  "I'm so excited!!!!!" "A wonderful resource."


"This is fantastic for a beginner cook or anyone wanting to explore the basics of vegan cooking. This course is taught by an instructor who is health conscious. She relays this information in an informal non-pretentious manner to her audience of mixed ages/experiences. For online students it is best to print the recipes from the lesson and have that material in front of you. (You can now buy the lesson book spirial bound too!) Sometimes things are not as specified as I would like but with the recipe in front of you, you can understand what she is referring to. I am doing this course for my non-cooking 12 year old. I watch the lesson and then leave her in the kitchen to do all she needs. She's come to me for help a few times but seems to rapidly growing in confidence. Her knowledge of carob vs chocolate and even baking soda purchasing is kinda impressive now."

Ellen Finnerty, Udemy Online Student


"Just to let let you know, that I am very satisfied with this course. This is just what I needed at this time. I consider myself still a novice vegetarian cook and find the lessons very,very helpful and easy to follow."

Harold Brandt, Udemy Online Student


“I particularly like the emphasis on nutrition. Angela demonstrates in a way that make me believe I can do it, too. She makes everything lok easy and I appreciate her attention to organization and tidiness."

Helen, Lakeport, CA


“I like that you make mistakes on the videos. It makes me feel more comfortable making mine in the kitchen. I like the lesson just the way they are. They encourage individualism and variety. What more can you ask?!"

Keith, Slidell, LA

(We do include the occasional cooking blunders and how to correct them on our DVD's because we know that is reality,
and that is what will happen to you from time to time.)


"I really enjoyed all the lessons. The recipes are good, only a couple are too salty (this student has been eating healthy for quite some time.) The food tasted delicious. I enjoyed the presentations. Very specific and thorough. I am happy to have a detailed vegan cooking class and pre4sented so beautifully. I have recommended this school to my church family and friends."

Judith, Oxford, MI


"Great job Angela! You have put a lot of hard work and dedication into these lesons and it shows. Love the recipes and the DVD's. Keep them coming!"

Amy, Fairbanks, AK


"If you are just starting out as a vegan this course is for you. If you have medical issues this course is for you. If you care about the environment and love all animals this course is for you"

Sandra, Allenstown, NH


"Dear Angela, As a veteran vegan cook (and having conducted several cooking schools), I am truly enjoying your newsletter and your cooking school seminar.  I just viewed the "mini" lesson and I know that this will be a resource I will be posting at our church and to our community.  I live near Wilmington, Ohio where the large DHL hub has shutdown.  Unemployment rates are astronomical and many people are searching for a more frugal lifestyle. 

In the coming months, our church will be conducting a Frugal Living seminar and I will be speaking on vegan cooking and the financial aspects.  I will also be conducting a "Serious About Soups" seminar.  I plan to use your ministry to point people to something inexpensive and practical they can turn to for further education and information. I rejoice that there are others that are carrying this very important health and spiritual message!"

Your Sister in Christ,  Nicole G


“The DVD's are very good! The presentation are not too long, not too short, easy to follow; I tried several recipes, and they taste good and they are very easy to cook; I tried some of them for the first time for my guests and they ask me for the recipes; I recommend this school to many of my friends; it is a good start for a beginner and also a good opportunity for the experienced one that is looking for new ideas."

Carmen, Siloam Springs, AR


"Recipes are good. I love the DVD series and following the video really helps with understanding the written recipes."

Anne, Waltham, MA

“Angela is easy to undertand and speaks well. Not too slow or boring. The lessons are easy to understand. The DVD's are nice to watch. The recipes taste good. You are doing a great job and I can hardly wait till the next section of the cookings school comes."

Marge, Yakima, WA


“I like the changes that you have instituted.  It really makes the school more like a ministry which it is.  Cooking classes are really needed in our churches.  I do my share but I only do it once a month, for lack of available help.  God bless your ministry."


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