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 gluten free vegan cookbook


Our Favourites Cookbook!


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MORE Cookbooks below:

 gluten free vegan cookbook


Our Vegan Favourites Gluten Free Cookbook

Very, very similar recipes to the above book but ALL gluten free!



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vegan cake and other desserts cookbook


Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 1 - Cakes, Puddings, Parfaits & More

Delicious low fat, low calorie recipes for light dinners or deserts.



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Vegan canning cookbook


Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 2 - Seasonal Treats: Canning, Camping & Holidays

Ideas for healthy canning, camping and traveling, and those special holidays.


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vegan pasta cookbook


Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 3 - Pasta, Potatoes, Millet & Rice

Full of savory recipes for pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains from quinoa to bulgur.


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vegan pie cookies cheesecake cookbook


Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 4 - Pies, Cobblers, Cookies & Cheesecakes

A family favorite with light alternatives for deserts, including bars and more.



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vegan breakfast soup salad cookbook


Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 5 - Breakfast, Brunch, Soup & Salad

Warm breakfasts. Quick cold cereals. Hearty soups, salads, sack lunches, etc. Getting enough raw greens is easy with tasty dressings like these. Plus mayo substitutes and more.


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vegan entrees cookbook


Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 6 - Better For You Entrees

Meat isn't the only way to get savory proteins. In fact get even more nutrients with these vegan & vegetarian dishes! Burgers, roasts, and casseroles to please the whole family.


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Healthy Home Cookin' Vol. 7 - Breads, Biscuits, Crackers & Muffins

Wholesome breads with several gluten and wheat free alternatives. Easy to follow.


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arthritis and inflammation cookbook

Nutrition 2 Reduce Inflammation

FULL COLOR, almost a photo for every recipe. This gluten free, sugar free, very low fat, low "carb", cookbook was written in response to several doctors creating a diet that helped one patient become 90% pain free from arthritis. Studies are showing inflammation is a risk factor in many diseases: psoriasis, crohns, fibromylgia, auto immune disorders, and many others.

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essential oils cookbook

Simple Cooking With Essential Oils

Essential oils have been used for centuries but we are only now seeing the health potential of these natural remedies. Studies are being done on both the aromatic properties as well as ingesting. This book includes tips from reliable scientific journals. Oils are simply tools and will not cure any disease. Oils are concentrated and not a substitute for natural, whole foods. See below for this same book using herbs and extracts in place of oils.

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Simple Cooking With Angela Poch

Adapted from the our essential oils cookbook, this book includes some health tips on plant foods and more from reliable scientific journals. Take the step toward better health with natural plant foods.


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Online Courses

We are working to create a variety of online health courses for the vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, and loveaore. You can take our online courses via and as well as several other websites click to learn more.


How to Become Vegan, Vegetarian, or Flexitarian

Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School

Nutrition 2 Fight Inflammation

How to put on your own cooking classes - FREE!

Nutrition 4 Optimal Health - including Tips for Vegans and Vegetarians - coming soon

Nutritional Therapy - coming soon


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Tasty, healthy, vegetarian and vegan recipes.