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Improve your nutrition and cooking skills! Hello, my name is Angela Poch and I am a regsitered professional counsellor, health & wellness coach, certified nutritionist, and plant-based cookbook author. From video courses to individualized help, find the best health for your body, mind, and soul.

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I have over 10,000 students from 135 countries and here's what they are saying...


"I have cooked vegetarian for many years but have learned a lot of new tips and tricks. My husband who has never cooked this was and was quite skeptical got the "wow" factor immediately when he made these recipes. Even our meat and potato only friends are surprised."

Ann, Rapid City, SD

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Simple Plant Based Recipes


Whether you need simple and easy vegan recipes or you have complex dietary needs we have the solution.

We've been teaching cooking for over 15 years, and our students are very satisfied with what they learn about vegetarian health and cooking. Try it out for yourself, browse through our FREE recipes, including gluten free, right now!

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