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Healthy, delicious, from whole plants foods from - Vegetarian Unrefined Undiet, Healthy Home Cookin' & Vegetarian Redneck!
  • Nutritious Entrees
  • Plant Foods
  • Tofu or Soy Free
  • From Breakfast to Lunch and Dessert!

    Simple Vegan Recipes

    Whether you need simple and easy recipes for your next meal or you have complex dietary needs we have the solution.

    We've been teaching cooking for over 15 years, and our students are very satisfied with what they learn about vegetarian health and cooking. Try it out for yourself, Browse through our FREE recipes right now!

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    Vegan Health Information

    There is a LOT of information on the web about health, but what can you trust? Our articles are written by a qualified, Nutritional Counselor who has a close working relationship with several MD's and PhDs.

    Learn more about vegan and vegetarian health, nutrition, tips, and more. Visit our sister website:

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    VVCS School & Online Classes

    Learn to cook vegetarian right in the comfort of your own home. From beginners to more advanced we have recipes and techniques to get you cooking amazing and healthy recipes.

    There are hundreds of cookbooks, thousands of websites but we have taken it a step furthur. We've created a vegan vegetarian cooking school you can do in your own home online or by DVD.

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    Book & Video Webstore

    We have hundreds of products on Vegan cooking and Vegetarian health as well as nature, character, and much more.

    There are hundreds of cookbooks but how many meet your exact needs and still taste great? We have a variety of specialty vegan cookbooks, videos, course, and health materials. From allergy friendly to gluten free or just delicious, simple vegetarian. See

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Incredible Benefits

This by mail or ONLINE correspondence vegan vegetarian cooking class is ONE of a kind, specializing in vegan cooking and vegetarian cooking. You can START ANYTIME, ANYWHERE because the cooking lessons on DVD mailed to your door OR you do this ONLINE course right NOW!

Learn how to cook vegan in the comfort of your home with these cooking videos. This correspondence vegan cooking school uses videos and a 220 page lesson booklet, to teach you how to cook delicious, healthy vegan foods. The 60 to 90 minute videos on DVD or ONLINE include a demonstration of the lesson (usually 8 to 12 recipes), vegan cooking techniques, vegan health information, and more. Great for the beginning or established vegetarian.

If you'd like to be able to cook vegetarian dishes that wow your family, learn how to make healthy vegan meals and create tasty morsels of vegan food, then you've found what you've been looking for! We even offer a completion certificate.


The Vegan Vegetarian Cooking School has over
500 students and here's what they are saying...


"I have cooked vegetarian for many years but have learned a lot of new tips and tricks. My husband who has never cooked this was and was quite skeptical got the "wow" factor immediately when he made these recipes. Even our meat and potato only friends are surprised."

Ann, Rapid City, SD

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